JDs Complete Oil Modular build

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The blueprint comes as a set of modules to process crude oil and output Diesel, Naptha, Fuel gas, Hydrogren, Fetliser 2, Fertilzer 1 as well as output Rubber, Plastic and Sulfer as well as accept excess sulfer from things like scrubbing. It also includes all cracking and is designed to only deadlock when Diesel is full

Blueprint explanation video can be found on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhxUFqsYM1s

Blueprint Version 1.0 Made in COI version 0.5.2 ~JDPlays

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Cygnusx1 (edited)
JD, does this BP need to be updated or did the update not affect recipes? I was just wondering before I download it. Cheers!
Hey JD, I am having some trouble with the stages of blueprints. When you add the cracking, i believe it is stage 5 or 6 the pipe going across is not aligned properly. I fixed it manually all good, just wanted to let you know
scusate sono nuovo , ma come si fa per scaricare il progetto?? geazie 1000
Thanks for a wonderful BP! The only issue I've encountered with Update 2 (?) is for the plastic module, the Chlorine and Naphtha pipes need to be swapped.
Also, probably a general rule, before getting Cracking, you need to empty the steam pipe constantly, otherwise Fuel can't get cleared.
The video is very helpful. You need to insure that the recipes are correct when upgrading as you might not have the right ones researched yet. After I upgraded to the final version, I put the blueprints down again on a blank space and looked at the recipes in the ghost plan to find mistakes and correct everything. It worked perfectly afterwards.
в пластмассе перепутаны трубы хлора с нафтой...
i have been using the blueprint and it works quite good. no issues with it so far
zapper (edited)
bug in loop of oil in come . air in line lol.
Monty, tady na stránce dáš copy to clipboard, pak přímo ve hře plány (F4) nahoře budeš mít přidat nový plán vložením textu ze schránky a potom už jenom paste.
Ale kam se plán má uložit?
No you just must put the blueprints exactly, there is no overlapping.