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Author: Calen


This farm has placement for all crop types except for tree saplings and flowers. It is assumed that by the time you have the fertile space available to place this that you will already be able to grow potato, vegetables, wheat, corn, and soybean. Therefore, those farms have been included in this blueprint. Additional crops should only be added where indicated in the image for this blueprint. There are additional blueprints for storage upgrade and egress transport.

The crop schedules are design to maximize yield without fertilizer. To achieve maximum crop yield with fertilizer, move the fertilizer slider all the way to the right and then remove all but one entry from the crop schedule, effectively turning off crop rotation. For soybean though, put three soybeans in schedule and leave the final slot empty. Weird, right?

Note: This farm is designed to supply you with plenty of crops through the end of the normal game. I haven't played to a very large population yet, but I know that once your population exceeds 7000 the single poppy farm will no longer supply enough to meet the need for Medical Supplies III.

Required Materials

Name Quantity
Construction Parts III 551
Construction Parts II 1329
Rubber 1092


Name Quantity
Unit Storage II 2
Fluid Storage II 2
Loose Storage II 8
Irrigated Farm 11


Name Quantity
Irrigated Farm 132


Name Maximum Per Minute
Fertilizer II Varies
Water Varies
Maintenance I 20.9


Name Maximum Per Minute With Fertilizer
Potato 20.4 54.2
Vegetables 16.4 42.0
Wheat 16.5 40.5
Corn 25.5 69.3
Soybean 2.7 7.8

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3 (Current) 05/01/2024 1074
2 04/29/2024 37
1 04/16/2024 158

Comments (4)

Calen (edited)
@honker123 - I never had much luck with rotating crop types. I used to do alternation between a crop and green manure, but I've since moved on to just single crop cycle with a boatload of fertilizer.
This is not really the right place to ask but I will anyway - would alternating crops like vegetable - fruit or wheat - corn remove the mono crop penalty for little effort? Or is this simply brute forcing with fertilizer for simplicities sake and eating the penalty?

Also, may I ask about the soybean schedule? Bug?
Calen (edited)
Thanks, Cryptoman100! Raised transport blueprints have been updated. The bridge blueprint works going from raised-to-raised transport, or from raised-to-ground transport. For the latter, just remove the transport and lifts on one side of the bridge.
The Raised Farm Transport - Bridge doesn't have a matching connection the the rest.