Nuclear Power Station

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Nuclear Power Station

Author: Calen

The Nuclear Power Station is designed to take you through the three stages of nuclear power generation, reaching a combined output of 360 MW. This power station will last you through to the end of the standard game, replacing the need for any other power generation. If you are playing a long game of self-developed goals and island flattening, this power station would be superceded by extensible FBR installations.

Note: The Nuclear Power Station can be set anywhere you have room, although it was designed to connect directly to a Cargo Depot (2) with Loose Modules for uranium. If you choose not to connect it directly to a cargo depot, then you may feel free to delete the Diesel storage and pipe.

Stages of the Nuclear Power Station:

  • Stage 1: Initial Thermal Nuclear Reactor - 90 MW of power
  • Stage 2: Advanced Thermal Nuclear Reactor Upgrade - an additional 30 MW of power
  • Stage 3: Fast Breeder Reactor - an additional 240 MW of power

Stage 1 Installation Notes

See for example images.

  1. Create a straight coastline that is 27 dumping/mining squares long with a total flattened area of 945 (27x35) squares for the power station (783) and connecting transport (162). Obviously, make sure this area supports cargo ship access. See for a visual representation.
  2. Discover, repair, and upgrade the uranium world mine. At this point it should be producing uranium at a rate of 36/60.
  3. Place a Cargo Depot (2) along the coastline on squares 12-15 and 2 tiles (the itty bitty ones) inland. Turn off truck delivery.
  4. Add two Loose Module (L) buildings to the cargo depot and assign uranium import.
  5. This seems self-evident, but add a cargo ship.
  6. Install the stage 1 module, making sure it connects to the diesel ingress port on the cargo depot and both

Stage 2 Installation Notes

See for example images.

  1. Install the stage 2 module. The easiest way to connect it is to make sure the ingress and egress pipes for the new power shaft connect to the existing pipe balancers and line up with the other power shafts.
  2. Add Reprocessed Uranium recipe and set it to top priority for all 4 Encrichment Plants.
  3. Once stage 2 is built, power down the reactor and upgrade it.
  4. Unpause the ingress steam pipe to the new power shaft.
  5. Power up the reactor to level 4.

Stage 3 Installation Notes

See for example images.

  1. Install the stage 3 module. The easiest way to connect it is to make sure the water pipes line up with the water storage.
  2. Add Core Fuel (spent) recipe to the the Stage-2 Nuclear Reprocessing Plant and set it to top priority.
  3. Once built, sit back and relax; get yourself a drink and a snack. You'll be here for a while because you should wait until core fuel storage is full before powering up the FBR.
  4. Once core fuel storage in the reactor is full, power it up to level 4.

Metrics by Stage

Required Materials

Name Mine Depot Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Concrete 100 1100 1200 800 3200
Construction Parts 137 90 113 340
Construction Parts II 40 618 346 271 1275
Construction Parts III 840 240 1289 659 424 3452
Construction Parts IV 1560 940 3780 6280
Electronics 1080 360 2880 4320
Electronics III 200 200
Rubber 544 382 88 1014


Name Mine Depot Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Assembly III 1 1
Blast Furnace 1 1
Cargo Depot (2) 1 1
Chemical Plant II 1 1 2
Cooling Tower (Large) 3 1 4 8
Crusher 2 2
Enrichment Plant 4 2 6
Fast Breeder Reactor 1 1
Fluid Storage II 3 3
Fluid Storage III 1 1
High-Pressure Turbine II 6 2 8 16
Loose Module (L) 2 2
Low-Pressure Turbine II 6 2 8 16
Loose Storage II 3 5 8
Mixer II 1 1
Nuclear Reactor 1 -1 0
Nuclear Reactor II 1 1
Nuclear Reprocessing Plant 1 1 2
Power Generator (Large) 6 2 16 24
Radioactive Waste Storage 1 2 3
Settling Tank 3 3
Super-Pressure Turbine 8 8
Unit Storage II 1 1

Operational Input

Name Mine Depot Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Workers 100 22 212 118 328 780
Power (MW) 0.5 6.03 2.04 4 12.57
Compute (TFlops) 28 34 62
Maintenance 7.4 46.9 15 89.6 158.9
Maintenance II 60.6 32 73.6 166.2
Maintenance III 33.8 33.8

Resource Input

Name Mine Depot Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Acid 10.69 8.75 3 22.44
Coal 1.125 1.125 2.25
Diesel 27.71 27.71
Limestone 0.75 0.75 1.5
Rock 3.38 3.38
Salt 0.75 6.5 7.25
Sand 3 3 6
Steel 0.75 1 1.75
Uranium Ore 36 36
Water 72 24 96 192

Product Output

Name Mine Depot Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Power (MW) 90 30 240 360


Byproduct Output

Name Mine Depot Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Depleted Uranium 15 1.5 16.5
Exhaust 3 3 6
Recyclables ? ? ?
Slag 0.845 1.125 1.125 3.095
Toxic Slurry 18 18

Earlier Versions (6)

Version Copy to Clipboard Release Date Downloads
6 (Current) 06/12/2024 579
5 05/18/2024 340
4 05/18/2024 1
3 04/29/2024 227
2 04/29/2024 5
1 04/16/2024 107

Comments (10)

for the ones of you that might still be using an older version and it seems to be still doing it on the new one, that is having a problem with the FBR not getting enough fuel,
find the pipe balancer for the blanket fuel and set the priority to come from the fuel enrichment plant that should solve your problem
my fbr backs up on blanket fuel which means it doesn't make enough core fuel i assume i have done something wrong when installing the blueprint but i cant find the my mistake
KT9Q (edited)
If you added a row of distillers you could use the depleted steam to make this self sufficient on water, plus a bit of surplus. With a couple of pipe balancers it would dump the surplus water as steam through the cooling towers as the water gets too full, or create more fresh water for itself as needed and the system would always remain balanced. Alternatively the small surplus could just be exported to your fresh water pipe network. It would also need the commensurate salt water pumps and brine dumps, of course. See the basic coal power (saltwater) I created for an example of how to do this.
tomv25 (edited)
@Calen It was fine on a different save
Maybe is was a lack of water or maintenance or something like that
I only started the build after everything was build
BTW Very usefull blueprint, nuclear power was too complicated for me to figure it out by myself
Calen (edited)
Change Log
v3.0.1 - Updated Blanket Fuel connector to have no ingress priority.
v3.0 - Total Revamp of the Nuclear Power Station
* Did away with flywheels as auto-balancing is not used
* Reduced the cargo depot requirement from 4 to 2
* Removed extraneous enrichment plants (5), chemical plants (4), settling tanks (2), and crushers (2)
* Removed unnecessary storage
* Added Spent MOX reprocessing
* Optimized layout to reduce overall footprint by a third
Calen (edited)
@BrickedKeyboard - Yes, this was my first iteration of a Nuclear Power Station when Update 1 originally came out. I updated some of the transport when update 2 came out, but I haven't really optimized it. The good news is that the blueprint works well despite these minor issues. But I agree that it is due for an update. As a joke to myself, on a previous game, I converted the wasted space into parking lots for all the workers.
@tomv25 - I use power level 3 without issue. Maybe you didn't have all the piping and turbines built?
So your FBR portion is excessive in space and workers. You literally need, steady state, for 1 FBR at full power:

1 enrichment plant, 1 waste processing plant, 1 chemical plant to make yellowcake to blanket fuel, 1 settling tank, less than 1 mine of uranium (instructions said to get 60 a second!). And 1 more chemical plant and 1 enrichment plant to make the initial core fuel to start it.

You could fit another FBR into the space you waste. Had to look at other blueprints to figure it out, had never built an FBR myself, I just noticed that after a while all the fuel processing was idle.
What is the safest reactor setting in tier 1?
I had it at 3 and that was a bad choice :(
How do you deal w/ spent MOX?